Top 5 Best Fluid Evacuators in 2019 Reviews

5. Air Power America LiquiVac Oil Changing System

Air Power America LiquiVac Oil Changing System

  • By: Air Power America
  • Item Weight: 3.5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 16 x 7 x 11 inches

The product that begins this year list belong to the Air Power America, a long-known company specializing in the pumping system of the vehicle. And this LiquiVac series makes it to this list for some reasons including the dominant performance, easy-to-use design as well as the long-lasting quality. Primarily, this oil changing or pumper features the pump strokes that create a powerful vacuum using no electricity. For easy command, you just place the tube into the dipsticks, then pump the handle for 40 times. Next thing you realized is that the oil is pumped out completely. The whole process may take less than one minute for the small engine, and more for the larger one. Secondly, this LiquiVac fluid changer also features the large container that able to store a considerable volume of oil as well. It could store up to 8 quarts or 7.5 liters.

Furthermore, Airpower America designs this for the most ergonomic industrial model that you can see this year. It allows you to make the most out of your manually-pump stroke. The design is actually efficient and effective in any way. More interestingly, this fluid evacuator is made using the super-resistant top-grade plastic. This material makes the product lighter in weight and also compact and portable for the garage use. Also, this fluid evacuator will come with the extraction hose that made of the high-quality soft and flexible PVC.

Also, this fluid evacuator comes ready for use without requiring any further installation or set-up. And this oil changer is available in two sizes, small and large, catering according to your preference.

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4. Mityvac 7300 PneumatiVac Air-Operated Fluid Evacuator

Mityvac 7300 PneumatiVac Air-Operated Fluid Evacuator

  • By: Mityvac 
  • Item Weight: 7 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 12.9 x 9.5 x 25.8 inches

And this is another best fluid evacuator appeared on this year list, it is the latest development from Mityvac. Also, it is one of the greatest air-operated fluid pumpers that is loved by most users. It is the people-favorite for a couple of reasons ranging from the top-tier quality of material, the ergonomic and user-friendly design, as well as its fast-pumping performance. First of all, Mityvac constructed this fluid evacuator using the high-density Polyethylene that makes it tougher than the typical product. Such material also ensures the rust and corrosion-free use as well. Moreover, the extraction hose is also made using the high-quality plastic. The plastic provides this hose the flexibility in using as well as the long-lasting durability.

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Second, this fluid evacuator features the user-friendly design allowing you to do the fluid extraction work with less manual effort conveniently. This oil pumper features one tall container that could store up to 2.3 gallon or equivalent to 8.8 liters. More interestingly, Mityvac inserts the pneumatic system in this pumper that pumps the liquid through the air pressure. You can either connect the air pressure valve with the air compressor or with the manual pneumatic pump. Also, it takes less than a minute if you are using the air compressor to suck out all the liquid in the engine before you pour the new oil into it.

Furthermore, this Mityvac evacuator comes in the package with the base-mounted Venturi that provide stability during the operation. The air and fluid-line shift-off valve are also in the package; it could prevent the unit from spilling during the pumping. Moreover, the kit also comes along with the accessories such as 5-feet hose, dipstick tubers, as well as a brake bleeding adapter.

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3. Mityvac 7400 Fluid Evacuator

Mityvac 7400 Fluid Evacuator

  • By: Mityvac 
  • Item Weight:  7.2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 8.2 x 8 x 27.7 inches

Consecutively, Mityvac makes it again with the following series of the previous product you’ve just seen. And this fluid evacuator might not differ much from the 7300 series, but it features some qualities that turn users’ interest to it. Mainly, this fluid evacuator features the large reservoir. It can store up to 1.9 gallon or 7.3 liters. However, this fluid evacuator is the best use with the manually operated operation. Even with the big engine, it could pump out the liquid into the reservoir in few minutes. This quick pumping operation is possible due to the newly-equipped quick-drain pour spout. It provides the better inflow of the liquid into the reservoir. Furthermore, this Mityvac 7400 evacuator has the 5-feet hose that provides the flexibility and smooth transfer of fluid. It can deal with any fluids including engine oil, transmission fluid, gear oil, etc.

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Talking about the quality, Mityvac chooses only the top-grade material for the production. Namely, it uses the industrial-grade polyethylene to construct most of the evacuator, especially the reservoir. Polyethylene is the hard and tough material for the long run. Plus it is also resistant to any rust and corrosion as well. Additionally, Mityvac also features the design that put the customer experience as the priority. It develops the new style of handle that is stronger for the heavy duty as well as for the long time use as well. Also, you can find a large and robust base of this fluid evacuator. This base prevents the possible tipping or spilling of the liquid in your place.

The package of this 7400 series comes with one fluid evacuator, extraction hose, dipstick tubes as well as the hand-operated pump attached to the reservoir.

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2. Mityvac 7201 Fluid Evacuator Plus

Mityvac 7201 Fluid Evacuator Plus

  • By: Mityvac 
  • Item Weight: 11.8 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 9.3 x 13.2 x 25.4 inches

This year is indeed the year of Mityvac for the fluid evacuator category since this is already the third liquid pumper appeared on this year list. And undeniably, this is the product that makes much noise in the forum when it comes to the recommendation part. Particularly, this 7201 series has all qualities you need in a fluid evacuator, especially if you are dealing with some oil-changing operation at your place daily. Primarily, it features a large reservoir that has the storage capacity of 2.3 gallon or 8.8 liters. Moreover, it also comes with the five-feet extraction hose. This hose could extract and dispense all kind of machine-related fluid including, engine oil, gear oil, transmission fluids, etc. And since the hose is made of the top-grade PVC, it provides great support to transfer the liquids smoothly and quickly.

Furthermore, Mityvac equips this 7201 series with the external pump. The hand-operated pump provides the air pressure to evacuate or transfer the liquid from the engine to the reservoir. For this reason, you don’t necessarily need to connect it to the air compressor or to any electricity to operate it. However, this hand-pumped operation provides you a considerable pumping speed as well. It only takes few minutes to transfer all fluids from the large engine out. Besides, this evacuator also has the automatic flow control valve on it. This valve prevents the unit from overfill the capacity or spilling. It will close automatically once the liquids hit the maximum level. There is also a pressure relief as well that prevent from over-heated pressure. It will dispatch the evacuation one the pressure is too high.

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1. EWK Vacuum Fluid Extractor

EWK Vacuum Fluid Extractor

  • By: EWK 
  • Item Weight: 6.7 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 22.7 x 8.8 x 8.7 inches

Eventually, we have found the best fluid evacuator of the year. And it is not from Mityvac, but it is the product from the well-known company EWK. This top product gains the popularity and upvotes from the users for its flexible design as well as its brilliant performance. In particular, this EWK’s fluid extractor features the system that allows you to operate it with two sources of power. Manual and pneumatic. Hence, you can connect it to the air compressor to pump the fluid, or you can manually use the external hand-operated pump to perform the extraction. More importantly, EWK also equips it with the negative pressure exhaust valve on the air inlet set. This valve could release the negative pressure immediately once it goes out of the range limit between 40 to 170 PSI.

Furthermore, EWK offers you with the extractor that has large storage capacity up to 6.5 liters. The whole body of the oil pumper is made using the high-density polyethylene. Such quality is sturdy and resistant to the rust or corrosion for the long run.  Additionally, you will get in the package the multi-size hose that can be used in different conditions. It is capable of extracting all kinds of fluid including, engine oil, transmission fluids, gear oil, etc. But it is not recommended to use it with gasoline since it is highly flammable.

This vacuum fluid extractor from EWK deserves its rank as the best fluid evacuator since it helps the garage owner to improve the work efficiency in the oil-changing operations. It is capable of dealing with the small and large engine, with any vehicle. The storage, as well, allows you to accommodate three cars consecutively without regular disposal.

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