Top 10 Best Rollator Walker in 2019 Reviews

10. Drive Medical Transport Rollator Walker

Drive Medical Transport Rollator Walker

  • By: Drive Medical
  • Item Weight: 20 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 26 x 25.5 x 37 inches 

The first rollator appeared on this year list goes to the product of Drive Medical, long-known manufactures of medical-use transport equipment. WIth this rollator walker, Drive Medical equips it with the innovative design and features that bring out the ultimate comfort and improve the mobility of the users. Specifically, it features the locked flip-up armrest and footrest that allow you to transform it into a wheelchair in seconds. Also, it comes with the two-position contoured padded backrest providing the extensive comfort for the users. Moreover, the folding frame is locked for the whole time of use to ensure the safety of the users.

On the other hand, this rollator is built for the long-lasting durability. In particular, Drive Medical makes this rollator walker using the industrial-grade steel frame. Such materials do not only lighten the weight of the walker, but also make it more resistant to the heavy duty. It has the weight capacity of 300 lbs. Also, Drive Medical equips this rollator with the 360-degree swivel wheel providing the ease of mobility.

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9. Medline Folding Rollator Walker

Medline Folding Rollator Walker

  • By: Medline
  • Item Weight: 17 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 26 x 25 x 32.5 inches 

Another excellent rollator walker goes to the product from Medline, American top favorite brand of medical equipment. It combines the duet rollator and the wheelchair in this product. The result is a folding rollator that could be transformed in seconds. The product comes with the padded backrest giving an excellent support for the users when sat down. Also, the seat is covered with the thick pad, good for the long time sitting. Furthermore, the armrest and footrest are ready in place without needing to flip it up or down. Most interestingly, Medline designs this with the folding design making the storage an easy task.

Besides, Medline also focuses lots on the comfort as well as the mobility enhancement of the users. For this reason, this Medline’s rollator is made using the aluminum which makes the product even lighter, only 17 lbs. And this aluminum material could also deal with the heavy duty as well. It could support up to 200 lbs in weight. Also, Medline also equips it with four 8″ wheel for better maneuver of this rollator. By the way, a basket can be found under the seat, can be used as a storage of your belongings.

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8. Medline Posh Premium Rollator Walker

Medline Posh Premium Rollator Walker

  • By: Medline
  • Item Weight: 11 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 9.6 x 22.4 x 22.2 inches 

So far, this is the second rollator from Medline already that makes it to this year list. And this Posh Premium series from Medline has something special as well to show you. First of all, this rollator is designed for the efficient use of one product. This rollator can be transformed into the wheelchair to assist the insufficient mobility. And similar to the previous product, this Medline’s walker comes with a standard backrest as well as the padded seat providing the ultimate comfort to the fellow users. Moreover, Medline also designs this to ensure the safety of all users. Specifically, the walker features the brake system enabling you to respond quickly to the situation.

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Furthermore, this posh premium series is known to be one of the lightest walkers on this list, thanks to its aluminum material. It bears the weight of only 11 lbs, basically, 40% lighter than other products. Though it comes with lightweight, this rollator could support up to 250lbs of weight pressure. However, Medline uses the smaller wheel of only 6″ to get this walker moving. Also, this walker comes two water-resistant bags to store the belongings as well as a strap to hold the rollator when folded.

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7. Drive Medical Bariatric Walker Rollator

Drive Medical Bariatric Walker Rollator

  • By: Drive Medical
  • Item Weight: 26 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 29 x 28 x 34 inches 

Surprisingly, the fourth of this year list is the product from Drive Medical as well. With this rollator walked, Drive Medical narrows the design concept specifically for the Bariatric treatment process. It features the durable body frame for the heavy duty works. Similar to the other product, the rollator comes with the comfortable and removable backrest as well as the thick-padded seat. Also, this multi-purpose rollator walker features the brake system ensuring the ultimate safety for the patients. Furthermore, the handle height is adjustable with a self-threading knob according to your preference.

On the other hand, Drive Medical builds this product for the long-lasting durability. Hence, it uses the top-grade aluminum to make the frame of this walker. Since this rollator is designed for the bariatric treatment, it could support the weight up to 500lbs. Also, it features the special loop lock to ensure the safe and quick operations. Moreover, Drive Medical also inserts an ample 21″ compartment storage under the seat for more convenient uses. By the way, Drive Medical stands and moves on four 8″ soft-grip and full-swivel wheels.

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6. Medline Standard Steel Folding Rollator Walker

  • By: Medline
  • Item Weight: 19 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 24.8 x 11 x 32 inches 

Once again, Medline makes it to the list of best rollator walker of the year. And this one is the walked designed for the heavy duty. It has the weight capacity up to 350lbs. Making it suitable for bariatric treatment process as well. Medline designs this rollator for the multi-purpose use of both the wheelchair and the rolling walker. It comes with the removable backrest as well as the fully-padded seat providing the great comfort to the users. Also, similar to the previous product, Medline also equips this walker with the brake system ensuring the utmost safety during the maneuvering.

On the other hand, Medlins never fails to bring you to the long-lasting, durable product. For this reason, Medline chooses the high-quality material to make this rollator. It uses the high-density steel with the reinforced frame making it able to support high weight pressure as well as lasting for the long run. Furthermore, the rollator is freely maneuvered with four 8″ wheels that can be swiveled in 360 degrees. For the control, the handle height can be adjustable according to your preference.

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5. Drive Medical Steel Walker Rollator

Drive Medical Steel Walker Rollator

  • By: Drive Medical 
  • Item Weight: 18.5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 31.2 x 25.8 x 8 inches 

Medline and Drive Medical seems to dominate this year list with its super-innovative products. It follows the other products on the list with the 2-in-1 design. The user could transform this folding walker into a wheelchair in seconds. Furthermore, it has the removable and padded backrest that provide the comfort for the users. Also, this backrest can be folded down when not in use. Also, this Drive Medical’s rollator features the specially-designed brake system along with the serrated edges. It provides the firm hold to ensure the safety of the users. Moreover, this rollator is foldable that allow the users to easily store it in a confined space when not in use.

Besides, Drive Medical focused on the quality of product that would last in the long run. Hence, Drive Medical chooses the top-quality aluminum that not only makes the product light in weight but also makes it capable of supporting the weight capacity up to 300 lbs. Also, this rollator could maneuver freely due to its 7.5″ soft-grip tire which is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

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4. Medline Aluminum Folding Rollator Walker

Medline Aluminum Folding Rollator Walker

  • By: Medline
  • Item Weight: 17 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 22 x 9.4 x 25 inches 

It is another “Deja Vu” since this rollator is also the product from Medline. However, from one product to another, Medline has unique features in each rollator to show you. And with this rollator walker, Medline designs this product perfect for the outdoor use with its large 8″ wheels that could cut through all types of surface and terrain. Moreover, it comes with the fully padded seat and removable backrest providing the fullest support to the users. Also, Medline puts the safety of the users as a priority. Therefore, this rollator walker comes with the latest developed brake system. This system includes the safety that can be pilled up or down to keep it stand still even on any terrain.

On the other hand, Medline makes this rollator not only for the one-day use, but it ensures the users with the long-lasting durability. Specifically, it makes this product using the industrial-grade aluminum frame. Such material does not only contributes to the lightweight of the product to only 17 pounds but also provide an extensive weight capacity up to 300 pounds as well. Besides, you can find a storage basket under the seat to keep your belongings.

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3. Drive Medical Aluminum Rollator Walker

Drive Medical Aluminum Rollator Walker

  • By: Drive Medical
  • Item Weight: 14 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 28 x 24 x 33 inches 

It is definitely a fantastic year for the Drive Medical and the Medline since their product dominates the whole list from the beginning. And once again, Drive Medical has one of its product stand in the third rank of this year best rollator walker list. This product bears all the qualities that the users need in a rollator. In particular, it comes with the removable and padded backrest as well as the seat that could be flip down when not in use. When needed, you could transform it to be the walker or wheelchair. Also, Drive Medical always ensures you with the safety of the users. Hence, it features the deluxe loop lock as well as the brake system in this rollator. The brake itself also has the serrated edges providing the extra firm hold to stop the walker.

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Besides, Drive Medical retains the qualities of its products same as the other product on this list. It uses the industrial-grade aluminum making it light in weight. The material also enables this rollator to support up to 300 lbs in weight. Moreover, Drive Medical also equips this rollator with four 7.5″ non-marring tires that work best for the outdoor use.

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2. Healthcare Direct Steel Rollator Walker

Healthcare Direct Steel Rollator Walker

  • By: Healthcare Direct
  • Item Weight: 17.3 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: N/A

Finally, the third manufacturer of rollator on this year list which is Healthcare Direct. It is one of the most prominent brand names in the medical equipment business. And it has one of its product to join this year best rollator list. This rollator walker boasts with the durable qualities and the ergonomic design that wins itself the runner-up position on this list. Particularly, this rollator is designed for the heavy duty with its weight capacity up to 350 lbs. Moreover, this Healthcare DIrect’s rollator also comes with the super-innovative brake system that could put an immediate stop to the walker when in need. Also, four 6″ wheels equipped with the rollator can be freely swiveled. Therefore, it is more convenient to maneuver this walker around with less effort.

Besides, Healthcare Direct doesn’t ignore the comfort of the users with this rollator. Hence, it inserts the comfortable padded seat and backrest on it. Also, the walker itself is foldable that make it more efficient to store the product when not in use. Additionally, it has a bad under the seat offering a large compartment to store your belongings.

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1. Drive Medical Fold Up Walker Rollator

Drive Medical Fold Up Walker Rollator

  • By: Drive Medical
  • Item Weight: 20 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 25.5 x 23.5 x 31 inches 

Last but not least, let’s take a look at the best walker rollator of this year. This winning product is the rollator walker of the Drive Medical. From the evaluation as well as the user’s comment, this Drive Medical’s rollator deserves the top rank on this list for some reasons. Primarily, it is designed for the heavy-duty use, and also can be used in the bariatric treatment process. It has the weight capacity of 300 lbs. And Drive Medical also equips it with the latest-developed loop locks system that ensure the safety of users when traveling along the road. Moreover, this rollator also comes with four wheels that feature the large 7.5″ non-marring casters. This kind of tire fits best for both indoor and outdoor use, as well as many kinds of terrain.

Furthermore, Drive Medical also brings its users with the utmost comfort that they’ve ever experienced.  Specifically, the rollator has the built-in padded seat with the standard backrest. It works fine as both the wheelchair and the walker. All you need it just to fold it up or down. Also, the rollator also features the handle that allows the users to control on the walker easily. However, the handle height is fully adjustable according to the needs of the user.

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