Top 10 Best Bird Baths in 2019 Review

If you choose to renovate your backyard into a natural and green landscape, tree and plants are not enough yet. It would be more interactive and lively to have birds flying in and out of your mini-garden. And to attract the birds, most of the users install bird baths for the flying species to drink water and cool themselves during the hot and dry summer time. In some place, it is scorched in the summertime where most of the natural water sources run short on the water or even completely drought. As a result, most of the flying birds are dying due to lack of water. Ever since the bird baths concept are introduced to the home garden design, it helps plenty of birds to survive during this harsh season while adding the lively natural landscape to the backyards.

And with this articles, HQ Text will bring you to the top ten bird baths that gain the popularity vote from its previous users. These in-depth and insightful reviews will help the users to make a right purchasing decision on this particular product with some tips on evaluating the products.

Customer Purchasing Guide:

  • Look for the sturdiest one since this birdbath will stay outdoor and encounter the worst of mother nature.
  • Find the birdbath that comes with shallow sink; the deep sink won’t allow the bird to chill themselves much.
  • Perforated holes around the edge would be ideal and safe for the bird to stand on its paws.

10. Best Choice Products Outdoor Garden Bird Bath

Best Choice Products Outdoor Garden Bird Bath

  • By: Best Choice Products
  • Item Weight: 5.7 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 20.3 x 20.3 x 4 inches

This antique garden bird bath could turn your house backyard into the Ancient garden. Basically, it blends in well with the natural landscape you design. The birdbath allows the flying species to cool themselves and kill the thirst during the hot summer day. The design of the bath also includes the perforated holes providing a more convenient stand for the bird to land on. With this birdbath erected in your backyard, your garden is not only lively with the birds flying in and out occasionally but also looks elegant with the taste of antique delicacy.

Special Features:
  • Stability on the ground: Even with the 28-feet height, this pedestal-based birdbath will stand firm on the garden ground. For further stability, you can try filling the base and the pedestal with sand.
  • Highly-resistant and durable-quality Construction: Made using the resin making the product water-resistant and also durable for the long run.
  • Special Design with the antique and classy Fleur-De-Lys accents along with the copper paint finish.

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9. Best Choice Products Antique Sitting Pair Birdbath

Best Choice Products Antique Sitting Pair Birdbath

  • By: Best Choice Products
  • Item Weight: 5.28 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 13.5 x 19.5 x 32 inches

It is yet another birdbath from the Best Choice Products on this year list. And it is indeed a perfect decoration you need for your backyard garden. Mainly, Best Choice features this birdbath with the exquisite French Lily flower ornament as known as Fleur-de-Lys accent around the pedestal and the base. Also, the birdbath features the bath for the bird with a pair of disguised birds on the shell-shaped sink. The bath is made shallow enough for the flying raptor to cool themselves. Basically, this antique birdbath merely is a wonderful piece of antique to have at your home if you are a big fan of ancient ornament.

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Special Features: 
  • Long-term Durability and High-quality material: Best Choices make this birdbath using the Polypropylene Plastic which is tough and water-resistant for the long run. The material makes way for the lightweight of this birdbath as well.
  • Guaranteed Stability: with the pedestal erecting up to 32 feet, this Best Choice’s birdbath will stand still on your ground when you fill its base with sand.
  • Royal and Antique design: with the addition of the disguised pair of birds, shell-inspired basin, elegant-design pedestal, this birdbath will be a masterpiece of your backyard.

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8. Giantex Antique Gold Freestanding Pedestal Bird Bath

Giantex Antique Gold Freestanding Pedestal Bird Bath

  • By: Giantex
  • Item Weight: 5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 22 x 22 x 28 inches

Another birdbath on this year list belongs to the product of Giantex. And it is a stylish decoration you should get for your backyard garden. Notably, Giantex features this birdbath with the pedestal design like the other products here with the shallow basin for the bird to enjoy themselves. Moreover, the design of this birdbath also includes the ancient French Fleur-de-Lys ornament on the base as well as the pedestal. Furthermore, Giantex makes this bird bath with the deep understanding of the outdoor use for its users. Hence, with the strong base and pedestal, the birdbath could stand still on the ground surface. On the other hand, the product could withstand any harsh environment since Giantex uses the high-quality PP plastic as the material.

Special Features:
  • Unrivaled Stability: Made of the weather-resistant resin with the refillable and robust base that stood firmly on the ground.
  • Elegant Design: Featuring the French-renown style of Fleur-de-Lys on the base and pedestal with the bronze color paint bringing the classic delicacy into your garden.
  • Disguised bird: this human-made bird could attract the birds to land for water in your backyard.

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7. Audubon by Woodink NABATH Deck Mount Bird Bath

Audubon by Woodink NABATH Deck Mount Bird Bath

  • By: Audubon by Woodink
  • Item Weight: 1.35 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 13 x 11.5 x 7 inches

Some of you here might not be looking for the pedestal-based birdbath since you don’t have sufficient space or a big backyard. Therefore, this birdbath from Woodink comes with the ergonomic and space-saving design. The design allows you to still provide the relief for the birds out there. This birdbath comes with the heavy-duty and adjustable steel clamp. This clamp makes it easier for the users to mount it with the deck of your window, or balcony. Also, the birdbath features the plastic-made sink with the capacity of one-quarter of water. More importantly, this birdbath from Woodink does not require additional installation steps. You can just unbox then mount to your deck; then it’s good to go.

Special Features:
  • Space-saving Design: another approach to saving the bird though you don’t have a large backyard or garden. The steel clamp can be mounted to your window desk or the balcony.
  • Durable Quality: featuring the PP plastic-made bath with the high-quality steel clamp ensuring the long-term use.
  • Easy Set-Up: You don’t need any additional tool to install this bath on your deck. Everything comes readily in the package.

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6. ZENY Antique Outdoor Birdbath

ZENY Antique Outdoor Birdbath

  • By: ZENY
  • Item Weight: 5.35 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 20.3 x 19.5 x 4.2 inches

Back to the pedestal-based outdoor birdbath, and this product on this year list goes to the birdbath of Zeny. Similar to the other product, this Zeny’s birdbath sits on the 28-feet pedestal with the shallow sink for the birds. In particular, the base and the pedestal of this bath are designed attentively to support and stabilize the weight of the sink on the ground. Hence, Zeny makes it available to fill sand or water into the pedestal and base for optimal stability. Also, the shallow sink features the perforation on its edge making a safe stand for the birds. Furthermore, Zeny also features the classically elegant design to this birdbath. Specifically, it features the French-renowned Fleur-De-Lys accents along with the shell-like sink.

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Special Features:
  • Undisputed Sturdiness: The refillable pedestal and base provide the optimal stability of the birdbath on the ground even in any environment.
  • Wide ranges of colors and models available: the colors ranging from black to gold while the models might include the disguised birds or the multi-level fountain.
  • Antique Finish: the product is featured with the time-worn and rustic effect providing the classic and antique appearance.

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5. Evergreen Hanging Glass Bird Bath Bowl

Evergreen Hanging Glass Bird Bath Bowl

  • By: Evergreen Garden
  • Item Weight: 3 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 13.6 x 22.8 x 13.6 inches

Let’s turn to another product on this year list that took a different approach to the design which is the hanging birdbath from Evergreen. Basically, this bird bath is made for those who live in the flat or those who don’t have the privilege of owning a backyard garden. In particular, Evergreen features this bird bath with the hanging bowl. Such design allows you to attract the bird in the most efficient and space-saving way. For the design, Evergreen designs this birdbath with the inspiration from the renowned Tiffany Stained glass. The birdbath comes with the Tiffany-glass bowl hanged by the steel chain with hook to be attached to the deck.

Special Features:
  • Ergonomic Design: with the hanging chain and hook, this birdbath helps you to get the best use of your space.
  • Unique choice of Material: Evergreen does make a right decision in choosing this Tiffany glass since it adds up the decoration for your place while attracting the bird as well. Also, such material is durable and highly-resistant for the long run.
  • Easy set-up and care: this product does not require any additional tool or guide to be installed. Also, it needs the least effort when cleaning.

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4. Tranmix Solar-Powered Fountain Pump Bird Bath

Tranmix Solar-Powered Fountain Pump Bird Bath

  • Item Weight: 8.8 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 5.9 x 5.9 x 1.6 inches

And now let’s talk about the technology in the bird bath. Basically, this bird bath from Tranmix just includes the latest technology in your backyard. Specifically, Tranmix equips the birdbath with the solar-powered fountain pump. This pump could turn your birdbath into a little fountain like in an Ancient Roman garden. More interestingly, this fountain pump could deliver eight different kinds of sprayer combination with seven fittings. It could provide the water flow up to 18 feet in height. Also, the little fountain pump will float in the water and does not harm the user in any way. However, since this birdbath does not come with the storage battery, it works only under the direct sunlight.

Special Features:
  • Solar-powered Fountain Pump: this feature of the birdbath indeed makes your birdbath more appealing to the birds and also add extra natural beauty to your garden.
  • Efficient Design: As the solar power drives the pump, this fountain pump and the birdbath runs on zero extra energy.
  • Multi-purpose Use: though the birdbath would be used for the bird attraction itself. But the fountain pump is not limited to that. It is also a perfect item for your fish tank, pond, etc.

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3. Solatec Solar-powered Fountain Pump Bird Bath

Solatec Solar-powered Fountain Pump Bird Bath

  • By: Solatec
  • Item Weight: 8.8 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 7.1 x 7 x 1.9 inches
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Another fountain pump bird bath on this year list belongs to the product of Solatec. And similar to the previous birdbath you’ve seen, this fountain pump birdbath also runs on the solar power with the floating pump placed in the middle of the bath. More interestingly, this fountain comes with the four nozzle heads attached to the pump allowing you to adjust the water outlet patterns as desired. Also, the pump could deliver the water up to 50 cm in height. It is a perfect product not just for the birdbath but also for the fish pond, or garden. On the other hand, However, this solar panel contains no battery. Therefore, it works only under the direct sunbeam during the daytime.

Special Features:
  • High-quality Solar Panel: Solatec makes this panel using the Polycrystalline Silicone. Such materials provide the high-resistant quality for the panel, especially to the water.
  • Multi-purpose Design: the solar panel also works well in your fish pond, garden, birdbath, mini aquarium, etc.
  • Various water patterns: the provided nozzles make the product more interesting regarding decoration as well as for the bird attraction as well.

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2. Gardman Pedestal Bird Bath

Gardman Pedestal Bird Bath

  • By: Gardman
  • Item Weight: 10 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 20.4 x 4 x 20.2 inches 

The runner-up birdbath on this year list goes to the pedestal-based product from Gardman. Made of the high-quality PP plastic, this birdbath is usually mistaken to be metal-made due to the copper finish. Moreover, this finish is the highly-selected for the high weather resistance for the long run. Furthermore, such material does not make the product weak in term of stability; but instead, it could stand firmly on the ground in any situation. Specifically, it comes with the strong base that supports the 28-feet height of this pedestal. For optimal stability, you can fill the base and the pedestal with sand or water.

Special Features:
  • High-quality Material: Polypropylene is a highly water-resistant material and sturdy on the ground even it is light in weight.
  • Tool-free Installation: setting up this birdbath does not require any additional tool, just put the part together. Then it’s good to go.
  • Classic and antique design: featuring the Fleur-de-Lys accent design along with the scallop-like bath design. Also, the bath comes with the perforation around the edges providing the safe stand for the bird.

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1. GrayBunny Premium Bird Feeding Station Kit

GrayBunny Premium Bird Feeding Station Kit

  • By: GrayBunny
  • Item Weight: 5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 22 x 2 x 91 inches

And eventually, we have found the number-one product of this year’s best birdbath list; it belongs to the product of GrayBunny. However, this product is not just a typical birdbath you’ve seen here. It is an ecosystem that does not limit itself to the water source but also offers the food for the bird as well. In particular, GrayBunny designs this multi-purpose bird feeding station with the 91-inch-tall sturdy steel pole with branches holding food tray, water sink, as well as the hooks for hopper hanging. With food & water, your backyard will now be filled with a wide variety of birds flying around. Furthermore, GrayBunny makes this bird station for the long run. Hence, it uses the high-quality and stainless steel to make this product stable on the ground.

Special Features:
  • Efficient and Breakthrough design: GrayBunny includes more than just the birdbath by adding the feeder as well as the hook for more extensive use.
  • Guaranteed Sturdiness & Durability: GrayBunny makes it using the heavy-duty steel to ensure the long-term durability and sturdiness.
  • Turning your house into the Bird Magnet: with food & water, birds will find your home their next jungles for sure.
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